Is to protect your rights by managing your individual and professional legal risks and provide solutions to your legal problems with our services which will be measured by your satisfaction while taking responsibilities as your permanent and confident business partner.


   To become a professional Law Firm which grows in a stable way in terms of quantity of client, partner and personnel and also job volume and achieving a respected reputation in international standards while providing qualified and integrated services in such fields as legal protection, business development and dispute solution, which clients co-operate and for which staff serves with pleasure and trust.

Basic Values

   Competence: To request the job which we are expert in or to be the expert of the job which we request.
   Confidence: To acquire deserved personal and institutional confidence beyond the business relation.
   Honesty: To be honest in universal standards, to tell the truth and to behave right.
   Equity: To exactly carry out all the requirements of the work that is conveyed.
   Loyalty: To keep the secrets and the rights of the clients confidential beyond the business relation.
   Respect: To respect the rights of the client, third person, work and the firm.
   These are our basic principles as well as our representations and undertakings to our clients.

Service Principle

   We exist for the only purpose of serve you in accordance with the professional ethics and professionalism.
   In that context; we keep your all kinds of personal and institutional information confidential that we get during interviews and works conducted in co-operation with you. We will systematically and consciously perform our services without delay.
   Meanwhile, kindly be informed that, when necessary, we need your full support and co-operation in order to represent you and carry out our duties.
   We will be more than glad if you share with us your information requests and when you inform us of the matters concerning your business in order that we could minimize your legal risks and resolve your potential legal problems as quickly as possible.
   We will co-operate with you in order to establish a mutual understanding in respect to your business and expectations. We will mutually determine objectives as well as time periods to meet your demands on time.
   We will remit the funds collected as the result of our executive proceedings services to your bank account on the same day of the collection.
   We will be in full co-operation with you and we will inform you of the current situation of the work. We will do our best to answer all of your questions on the same day.
   We will work with you with reasonable service costs in accordance with the economic value of the services that we provided. We will regularly submit reports to you mentioning our services and the costs relating to the work.
   We would like to have an interview with you regarding our services and service costs at any time you have requested. We want you to share with us your comments in any case where you may be thinking that you are not satisfied with our services.



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