Protective Services


   We are providing the services in a verbal or written manner by means of telephone, fax, e-mail or other communication means so as to minimise your legal risks or resolve all of the matters which you may face during your daily life. Main objective of the consultation services is to determine and prevent disputes which may have occurred in the future, before the court process. In this context, our Firm which is composed of attorneys who have provided consultation service for ten years in several law fields especially in executive and bankruptcy law, commercial law, law of obligations, banking law, legislation of private finance houses, mortgage, pledge on commercial entities and tender guarantee; provide high quality legal services.


   The purpose of minimising or removing your legal risks which you face during your daily life and/or your commercial activities can be achieved by well drafted agreements that provide the most efficient legal protection. While a well-drafted contract minimises the risk of a legal action between the parts, it also takes part in resolving the possible disputes between such parties. Consequently, contracting your legal transactions, which are of great importance to you and which have the risk of causing disputes, allow you to safely conduct these transactions and minimise the probability of encountering legal problems in the future. The agreements, which are drafted with legal assistance and in which the probable problems are taken into consideration, will provide you with the best legal protection. Our firm, which is composed of experts in Contract Law, provides the necessary legal assistance related to drafting contracts and making them appropriate for law and the benefits of the client.


   Assuring your rights and claims arising out of your legal relations and transactions is one of the means for minimising your legal risks. Although being totally rightful in a legal relation or the existence of a claim is certain, the right or claim will only be assured through collateral. Our firm has enough experience and knowledge (including fields necessitating competence such as mortgage, pledge on commercial entities) in assuring the right and claim.

Dispute Resolving Services


   Pro and con legal actions are pursued and concluded on time when a legal dispute occurs in your personal and business dealings. It is availed oneself of all opportunities of law and technology to speed up the process of resolving disputes. Our Firm serves in all kinds of legal actions with its competent attorneys.

Execution and Bankruptcy Proceedings

   Executive and Bankruptcy Proceedings that might arise from your personal and business dealings are pursued by competent attorneys and staff in our firm and these proceedings are effectively concluded. It is availed oneself of all opportunities of law and technology to speed up the process of collection. The competent attorneys and experienced staff serving for our firm possess experience and knowledge especially concerning the collection of both individual and corporate claims arising from various loan agreements.


   Such kind of service is mainly focussing on negotiating with the other party, organising meetings and drafting protocols in order to amicably settle in favour of the client the disputes which may arise out of the legal actions, executive proceedings or any sort of legal controversy which has not been discussed before the courts yet. Our Firm possess a big amount of experience and knowledge regarding the above-mentioned matter and is capable to provide all the necessary services to find satisfactory solutions to such controversies.

Services Aiming Business Development

   Founding Company, Mergers, Acquisition, Amendments made within Articles of Association, Leasing.

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